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Transform Your Business with Cloud

Everyone is talking about Cloud, but if you don’t quite follow what they’re saying, it comes down to this—using Cloud is essentially managing the processes using technology over the Internet.

For instance, when you update your Facebook page, you’re using the cloud. When you check your bank balance on your phone, you’re using Cloud. When you stream music, movies, or games, you’re using Cloud.

But is it that easy for business? The answer is Yes! Cloud has proven to do several things very well—improve your cash flow, increase business capabilities, and simplify processes across the board—all in an access-from-anywhere system that’s far more reliable than hardware you have on premises.

Ease Into Innovation

Epicor makes keeping up with innovation as achievable as possible, so you can remain competitive and grow your business.

Compelling Economic Benefits

Epicor cloud business software deployments typically cost 25–40%* less than on-premises deployments.

Better Use of IT Resources

If your IT team didn’t have to patch the servers and keep the system running, what sorts of innovations could they be working on?

Greater Security

Your firewall isn’t the fortress it once was—at least not compared to the massive redundancies and failsafe procedures afforded by 24/7/365 cloud protection.


When you don’t have to manage upgrades anymore, you can focus on growing your business.

Mobility and Collaboration

Your team no longer needs to be at the office to access ERP or collaborate. The cloud brings them all together—no matter where they are.

Alignment and Engagement

With a standard set of processes accessible in the cloud, current and future generations of employees can engage easily—increasing productivity

Reduced Risk

Redundant data backups coupled with advanced security systems run by technology experts mean you can rest assured you won’t lose critical data.

Faster Time to Value

Built on best practices and customized to your requirements, Epicor cloud solutions can be deployed quickly and reflect real-time updates.

Social Responsibility

Using cloud solutions rather than on-premises equipment minimizes impact to the environment such as waste from retired hardware.

Stop worrying about security, backups, and verifying those backups. Forget about offsite storage and keeping up with hardware and software maintenance. Ease your fears about downtime data. End the hassles of hardware troubleshooting and software upgrades. If you’re a manufacturer and have doubts about Cloud, here’s your answer—it’s time to move on with the times. You’ll have less to do, better data security and more reliability to gain—so you’ll have more time for your customers, your employees, and other priorities.

Want to know more about Cloud ERP?

Contact Finsoft for more information and let us be your trusted digital transformation partner!


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