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Customer Focus

A World-Class Experience at Every Touchpoint

Meet customers exactly where they are and when they’re ready to buy. Kinetic helps you create a positive customer experience at every touchpoint, throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

  • Give B2B buyers a B2C experience 

  • Manage territories, teams, and forecasts all from one place

  • Manage contacts, leads, and customers from any device

Customer focus
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quotation proces
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Quotation Process

When providing a quotation to a customer according to their customized requirements, manufacturers often faced issues of slow turnaround or response time to their customers as well as incorrect pricing (often lower than actually incurred). This is largely due to lack of real-time data and inefficient collection of information to derive an accurate quotation. A mistake in calculating any of the variables along the manufacturing process can negatively impact the quotation given to the customer.


With Epicor’s Quote Entry function, the erroneous process of collating data to create the quote for the Customer according to their specifications is ultimately eradicated. Embedded within this function, PO Suggestion System is a powerful and useful tool whereby it can determine what and how much materials to purchase. On top of that, it is also able to determine the cycle time required.


With accurate and timely data on hand, manufacturer’s are then able to have quicker turnaround time to respond to their customers, while ensuring prices quoted are accurate.

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Manufacturing Operations

Simplify Processes and Reduce Waste

Designed for the details of manufacturing, Kinetic is purpose-built to improve efficiency and communication throughout the product lifecycle.

  • Promote collaborative product lifecycle management (PLM)

  • Digitize and centralize product data management (PDM) processes

  • Create and share 3D models, images and drawings 


Advanced MES real-time visual production scheduling keeps constant pace with what’s happening on the floor. When jobs start at the right time and orders finish when they’re supposed to, your company can more reliably deliver on its commitments.

  • Access to real-time information on actual cycle time, uptime and scrap rates

  • Easily manage Family Molding and optimize lean manufacturing using Kanban scheduling

  • Maximize machine loading and minimize downtime

  • Evaluate schedule performance to identify activity-coordination problems, resource conflicts, and possible cost overruns

Manufacturing Operation

Supply Chain Management

Greater Profitability Through Efficiency

You want greater insights, control and visibility into mission-critical processes. Kinetic for manufacturing simplifies global supply chain management processes so you can enhance the customer experience and stay competitive.

  • Unify multiple site views with multi-company capabilities

  • Scale globally with extensive country-specific functionality

  • Leverage advanced EDI software for transaction visibility

supply chain
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Services and Assets 

Manage Costs, Raise Satisfaction

Optimize resource management and keep customers satisfied. Epicor service management software controls the costs of meeting customer demands and streamlines a path to increased profits.

  • Supports lean service requirements and provides full visibility into potential risk and compliance issues

  • Mobile options keep teams connected from all work locations for quicker project turnaround

services & Assets

Risk and Compliance

Control Risk and Drive Performance

Enterprise risk management and compliance is ever-changing. Epicor designs governance risk and compliance (GRC) solutions to meet published international standards and industry best practices.  

  • Simplify regulatory compliance 

  • Meet audit tracking and documentation requirements with comprehensive design-to-retire PLM

  • Apply advanced user roles and security settings to restrict access as needed

Risk & Compliance
Business intelligence & Analytics
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Business Intelligence & Analytics

Clear Data for Better Decisions

Build a data-driven business with Kinetic for business intelligence and analytics. Electronic reports and dashboards show what’s happening across the entire enterprise. 

  • Get quick answers and drill into data

  • Turn data into actionable insights 

  • Keep tabs on production 

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