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7 Benefits of Warehouse Management System

Benefits of Warehouse Management System (WMS)

At Finsoft, we recognise the significance of inventory control throughout your everyday business operations and workflow optimization in this period of labour shortage. Because of this, we incorporate powerful inventory control and tracking capabilities directly into the core of our supply chain systems, such as Epicor's Warehouse Management System (WMS). We have the technology and know-how to optimise your current warehouse and yard operations, regardless of the size or variety of your inventory or the scale of your distribution business.

Lets drill into how an Epicor WMS results in a quick return on investment (ROI) and leads to higher customer satisfaction.

Productivity Improvements:

Our customers typically see an impressive 20% improvement in productivity for warehouse/yard personnel, as well as their managers. Productivity improvements come from three main areas:

- Improved Inventory Accuracy

- System directed activities and tasks

- Accountability

Barcode-Automated Data Entry:

Inventory tracking on all Epicor supply solutions is done through barcodes and handheld barcode scanners. Traditional manual data entry is replaced by barcode scanning in areas like:

- Receiving

- Picking

- Shipping

- Stock Counting

True Inventory Accuracy

Calculating inventory accuracy using total dollar value allows the inventory surpluses to cancel out the shortages. This results in a lower net discrepancy that doesn’t reflect the “true” level of inventory


Improved Shipping Accuracy:

Another tangible benefit of a proper warehouse management system is the reduction of incorrect shipments, which cost both you and your customers a great deal of time, effort, and money. Estimates of the cost

of errors range from $70–$500 per shipment error once you add in the

effort for someone to return and reship the order.

In addition to the monetary value, you will be saving with a proper

warehouse management system, you will increase trust with your

customers. Knowing that their order will be correct and on time is a huge

factor in developing repeat customers, which allows your business to

continue to grow.

Easier Cycle Counting:

Cycle counting can replace traditional physical inventory counting methods when you’re operating on an Epicor inventory and warehouse management solution. Here’s why and how you benefit:

- It’s simple and in real-time

- No freezing necessary

- Errors are found and fixed quickly

Reduced Labor and Training Costs:

In today’s world of labor shortages and high turnover, it is important to be able to train and monitor performance efficiently. With the fully integrated ERP system taking care of all aspects of your business, WMS is able to allow users with specific tasks to log in to conduct a

certain assignment, such as putaway, replenishment, picking, cycle

counting, loading, etc. Therefore, a new hire might be able to become

productive in days rather than weeks. This on its own saves businesses

time and money.

Empowered and Proactive Management Team:

Lastly, a well-implemented WMS even helps your managers be the best they can be. The workflow, query tools, and dashboards built

right into each system help your managers:

- Establish and maintain process discipline

- Track performance in real time

- Handle exceptions efficiently

- Head off problems before they cost you time and money

- Spot trends and opportunities to become more efficient and


Want to know more about how collaborating with Epicor and Finsoft can help you achieve higher operational efficiencies during a period of manpower scarcity in your sector?

Contact Finsoft for more information and free demonstration. Let us be your trusted digital transformation partner!


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