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How Inventory Inaccuracies Kill Warehouse Efficiency

Epicor's Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Most of the problems encountered by your employee on a daily basis are brought on by inconsistent inventories and a lack of inventory visibility. Do these issues sound familiar?

When dispersed throughout a warehouse, these deviations can cost businesses a lot of time and money. Businesses that compute a 95% dollar-value accuracy may discover that their warehouses actually have only a 40–60% genuine accuracy. Accuracy won't burn you every time, but if 40% of your inventory balances are off, it will result in problems that affect your entire operation. Below are the scenarios happening when the inventory variances are high.

Incorrect shipments due to the wrong product in the wrong location

Missed sales because you don't have accurate stock information on hand

Customers that were promised stock up front, but don't end up getting it because there isn't enough on hand

Non-stock items that are ordered and rush-shipped to customers, only to discover you already had the items tucked away in the warehouse

Countless hours spent trying to find missing or misplaced products

Because of this, we incorporate powerful inventory control and tracking capabilities directly into the core of our supply chain systems, such as Epicor's Warehouse Management System (WMS). We have the technology and know-how to optimise your current warehouse and yard operations, regardless of the size or variety of your inventory or the scale of your distribution business. You can concentrate on exceeding client expectations when you are confident that your inventory counts accurately reflect your company's daily operations.

Want to know more about how collaborating with Epicor and Finsoft can help you achieve higher inventory accuracies during a period of manpower scarcity in your sector? Contact Finsoft for more information and free demonstration. Let us be your trusted digital transformation partner!


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