Our Areas of Expertise

ERP System Implementation


This is our core specialty - design and implementation of ERP systems for over 20 years. In the last 12 years, we have partnered with Epicor and has grown to become one of their top partners in the Asia Pacific region. 


Whether you need to migrate your existing system to Epicor ERP system or to implement one from scratch, Finsoft can engineer you a quality Epicor ERP system that best fits YOUR needs. With our tested methodology, you can be rest assured that our workmanship will be in accordance to the service level agreement, and your Epicor ERP system can go live as planned, if not sooner.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an emerging technology in the Digital Transformation wave. It is becoming a norm as companies strive for workforce optimization and improve efficiency.  In Finsoft we have hopped on this wave by tying up with what Garner terms the leading RPA vendor - UiPath.  

We have more than 10 resources who are certified Solutions Architect, Developer, Business Analyst and Project Management. We believe that with the strong business skill set together with a strong technical team, we are primed to assist our clients to improve their productivity and efficiency by utilizing Bots (Robot), to take over manual tasks.

We have also partnered with a world class OCR software company, Ephesoft, to compliment the UiPath offering, to extend automation to wider business processes.

Robotic Process Automation


Cloud Infrastructure Services


In Finsoft Consulting we believe in offering our clients an end to end solution, hence despite ERP being our core expertise, we have decided to set up a division which would be able to extend infrastructure to host the business solution for our clients. This division currently services our on premise ERP clients by doing  deployment of ERP solution. Additionally we do also provide SQL Server database tuning services as this is an important service our clients to ensure that their business systems are running at an optimal speed to keep pace with the business demands.

Finsoft Consulting is Cloud Partner to Microsoft and one of the solutions that we sell is Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. We have resources which are certified Azure Engineers who would be able to deploy cloud instance for our clients and also to maintain the cloud infrastructure. 


Data capture using OCR is widely used technical skill which has a wide variety of use cases.  Finsoft Consulting has been involved in various data capture project involving the use of OCR.  We have worked with products like Kofax and recently we have partnered with Ephesoft.

We compliment ERP projects like AP Invoice Automation or even multitude of RPA use cases where a OCR component is required for automation.  OCR still one of the most challenging technology areas to fully able to meet the clients needs of 100 % autoamation.

However with the experience we have gathered over the years we are able to set the right expectation but also have the technical know how to meet the clients expectation as close as possible with a high degree of success.

Data Capture with OCR 


Finsoft Consulting is a partner to Microsoft for various business application and the supporting products which extends and compliments the business application.  We provide services for Dynamics 365 Business Central and Dynamics Sales Engagement. We also specialize in providing solutions using the Power Platform namely Power Apps, Power Bi and Power Automate. Finally to the final piece that connects the trinity of solutions would be Office 365. 

We believe that this 3 platforms forms a perfect combination for any client who is striving to maximize it's efficiency and productivity. Finsoft is primed to offer this solution to our client now and the future. 

Microsoft Business Solutions

Custom Built Solutions


Solution development is an important service that we offer to clients to extend the business system.  The primary customer we serve would be clients who use a business systems like ERP and CRM, would  require extension to the standard ERP.  Additionally we also specialize in doing systems integration by connecting to non ERP applications like warehouse management solutions as well as integrating business systems to machines.

Our primary technology stack is Microsoft while we also carry tools like RAD (Rapid Application Development) tools like Code On Time , which we use to develop Finsoft Consulting own proprietary solutions such as mobile sales engagement solutions and mobile MES. We continue to strive to add more technology and tools, such as the use of GitHub, Jira for Agile Project Planning and Smartsheet for collaborative project planning. 

Other tools and technology we are pursuing are  IoT solutions using Azure IoT as well as other RAD tools such as JOGET. We continue to look for tools and solutions which we can use to meet our clients needs in fast and efficient manner. 

Digital Transformation Business Advisory


For a successful digital transformation, an organization needs to ensure that their stakeholders are aligned to the organization's goals. It would first need to evaluate its readiness of its  people to its infrastructure to adapt to new processes. It would need to examine the critical areas that need improvement and the design and implementation processes in order to achieve smooth transition and high adoption rate.


Once the main framework is clear, the organization needs to determine if any customization is required due to unique processes of its business. And the organization should also consider what processes can be further improved through automation, and freeing up resources to perform value-added tasks.


With over 20 years of experience in this business, you can count on Finsoft Consulting to walk with you throughout this journey. 

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