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Management Advisory Services
Business system Consultng

Management Advisory Services


Digital Transformation Advisory Services

Digital transformation of all management and operational processes has increasingly become the corner stone to remain competitive and survival of an enterprise. It is no more a choice but an imperative.

Our experienced consultants can help:

  • We facilitate discussions on the development of digital transformation roadmap and the associated action plan;

  • Coach management on:

   >Deployment and integration of connected solutions with our ERP system;

   >Benefits of capturing and tracking processes; &

   >Implementation of action plan to achieve agreed and desired milestones.

Digital transformation advisory services

An ERP implementation has the potential to provide an organization with a multitude of business benefits, which justify the financial investment and time commitment required.

Various independent reports have, however, revealed that a relative high extent of organizations are struggling with their ERP implementations. The reasons for their implementation struggles and not reaping the expected benefits vary due mainly to end-user resistance and low system usage.

We help ensure expected benefits are realized by:

  • Identifying immediate and future needs and requirements;

  • Ensure consistency with business strategies;

  • Identify automation and process re-engineering opportunities to enhance operational and management effectiveness;

  • Identify and quantify expected benefits; &

  • Establish benefits of realization plan and expected ROI.

ERP Implementation

ERP Readiness Advisory Services


Strategic Alignment Advisory Services

Alignment of management strategy and actions on the ground is often-the missing component that, if properly managed, would dramatically enhance communication and execution of strategies and results there of.

We help facilitate:

•Strategy definition process;

•Development of strategic goals and objectives; &

•Cascade the same to the operating units.

Change management advisory services.

Change Management Advisory Services

Much of the reasons for ERP implementation struggles resulting in cost overrun and delays are due mainly to end-user resistance and low system usage. These implementation issues could have been mitigated had there been strong management sponsorship, adequate budget and resources allocated to organizational change management and effectively address issues arising therefrom.

We help mitigate implementation issues by:

•Identification of impacts of ERP Implementation on the affected personnel;

•Develop a responsive organizational change management plan;

•Coach executives on execution of change management plan; &

•Coach executives to resolve resistance issues.


Business System Consulting Services

ERP Consulting

In today’s business world, one cannot afford to allow weaknesses of your current system to hold back your business growth and competitiveness. As one of the largest and strongest Epicor Partner in the region, we specialize in helping mid-sized businesses migrate their existing systems to Epicor ERP to optimize their capability and resources and enhance operational and financial management processes

ERP Consultig

Process Improvement

Finsoft Consulting can help transform inefficient business steps and workflows into highly functioning and streamlined processes. Our consultants will understand your current model and reconfigure your work flows with the correct tools to maximize results. In this regard, Finsoft Consulting has developed proprietary products and solutions to help our clients maximize resources available.

Process Improvement

Customized Solutions

Do you have operational problems and issues which require a customised solution? Our team of experienced consultants and programmers will create a custom software solution based on Epicor ERP platform to fit to your business requirements. 

Custom Solution

IT Consulting

Setting a suitable IT infrastructural framework and foundation is critical to ensure that the business systems installed will meet the expected performance level. Finsoft Consulting’s team helps businesses to achieve this cost effectively.

IT Consulting
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System Integration

Today's business systems are complex. Ensuring the relevant software “talk” accurately with each other is critical for business success. Finsoft Consulting team can help maximize your software investments with a carefully crafted integration plan using unique Epicor software integration tool. 

System Integration

CRM Consulting

Through implementation of Epicor CRM Module, Finsoft Consulting can help establish a platform to enable your enterprise to be a customer-focused organisation.

CRM Consultin
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