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Benefits of Cloud Technology in Manufacturing Industry

Cloud Technology in Manufacturing Industry | Finsoft Consulting

Distribution of products is an ever-changing industry, and a digital transformation can help your business remain competitive.

Cloud-based technology is essential to digital transformation, shifting you towards an agile, flexible and online infrastructure. Before selecting the right software, 5 criteria should be considered:

1 provider support-ERP

Provider Support

the amount and types of investment the Cloud provider makes in their platform on an annual basis


the reliability of the system to provide industry-standard uptime to match or beat competitors


if the system can keep pace with growth needs


the ability to easily integrate into other technology in your environment


options to use cloud capabilities that support your specific operation, including as it changes in the future

Today, particularly after the effects of the pandemic, more businesses are choosing to deploy ERP in the Cloud than before.

It's quickly evolving into not just the greatest method to create successful and innovative organisations, but the only way in a world where customers demand individualised marketing and instant, faultless service.

Below are the benefits of cloud computing that are changing the landscape of distribution.

Reduced operational costs

with integrated data of your operations, you can identify and address inefficiencies faster and with greater precision

Decreased security costs

with Cloud solutions, your vendor makes security their top priority, allowing your team to focus on growth

Reduced administration

free your IT department from the burden of administrating a database, operating systems, or applications

No more hardware

eliminate the need for hardware – and the risk and maintenance that comes along with it – as you scale and grow

Automatic upgrades

get the latest releases on a regular cadence, avoiding periodic and manual organization-wide updates

Higher employee satisfaction

support initiatives such as remote work easily

By choosing the cloud option we moved to a modern ERP and got out of the hardware management business. We don’t have to pay to update servers or move our legacy technology along with all the expensive customizations to new servers – it would have been costly.

Scott Young, President | George E. Booth

There are many benefits that Cloud ERP software can provide to a growing business. As you continue to scale your operations, you need innovative and reliable tools that can help you boost efficiencies, improve accessibility, save costs, and drive business growth. Want to know more about Cloud ERP? Let Finsoft be your digital transformation partner!


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