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UiPath: Pharmaceutical Companies Solutions

Hundreds of pharmaceutical companies across the European Union to report shortages on COVID-19 medicines

COVID-19 Challenge

The European Medicines Agency (EMA), working together with the pharmaceutical industry and the EU Member States, launched on 17 April the first phase of its enhanced monitoring system to prevent and mitigate supply shortages of crucial medicines used in hospital intensive care units (ICUs) across the EU for treating COVID-19 patients. At each pharmaceutical company, a single contact point will report to EMA all current and anticipated shortages of the essential ICUs medicines. Timely awareness on potential medicine shortages and a wide picture of what is available at EU level will facilitate better distribution, speed up approvals for production capacities increase and help save lives. To assist with reporting, EMA has initially created a template report to be filled in by hundreds of companies producing and marketing ICUs medicines in the EEA/EU.


UiPath has volunteered pro bono technical support for an unattended automation solution deployed for three separate tasks. The software robot sees that each pharmaceutical company receives a customized template, prefilling the template with only the subset of medicines that will be tracked in the current phase of the project, and solely the medicines produced or marketed by the respective company. At the next step, the software robot collects the information provided by the single contact points to EMA and updates a master file. Additionally, it collects shortage notifications and uploads them into another master file.


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