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Supercharge Your Business with CPQ in Epicor ERP

Supercharge Your Business with CPQ in Epicor ERP

Want to boost conversions, improve decision-making, and reduce purchase anxiety in your customers? What better way than to show buyers their finished products before they commit to purchasing?

With visual CPQ, customers, salespeople, and engineers can see lifelike visualizations of custom products as they’re being configured. They can zoom to pick out the tiniest details and spin objects 360 to explore every angle.

With visual CPQ, communications can be clearer and can reduce translation errors. No more complicated technical jargon or indecipherable napkin sketches. Now, sales and manufacturing teams speak the same visual language.

Does my company need CPQ

Lets have a quick check if any of the following statements apply to your company.

Your Sales Team Can’t Keep Up With Your Large Catalogue of Configurable Products

Configuring the perfect product for each customer seems impossible when there’s so much choice.

Configuration and Pricing Mistakes Are Common

Avoidable, costly errors in the sales to manufacturing handoff process cost you time and money.

Your Sales Cycle Is Too Long, and Customers Are Dropping off Along the Way

It takes your sales team days or even weeks to put together compelling quotes. You’re losing business to more agile competitors.

Training Your Growing Sales Team Is Slow and Expensive

You need to get new hires up to speed faster, so they understand your various product options and manufacturing capabilities.

You’re Struggling to Keep Pace With Increasing Demand for Custom Products

You need a scalable way to provide accurate quotes faster and eliminate bottlenecks at the engineering and manufacturing stage.

If any of the above statements are true of your organization, it may be time to unite your sales and manufacturing teams with a visual CPQ solution.

Get a free Epicor demo today to see how it will benefit your sales and manufacturing teams. It's time to get ahead of the competition and place your company in the driver's seat.


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