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Smart Shipping process your shipping faster and more efficiently

Smart Shipping | Finsoft Consulting

Distribution is an ever-changing industry, and the technology that enables digital transformation can help your business stay competitive.

Smart Shipping technology enables you to process shipping transactions faster and more efficiently. This is particularly critical when the pace of order fulfillment is growing every day, and sales are happening faster than ever. Expectations that goods purchased are processed and delivered quick are a given now.

Before selecting the right solution, 5 factors are needed to be considered:

1 provider support-ERP

Designed Interface

For faster reporting, consolidation, customization and drill-down of key data

Support for Multiple Carriers

• Enable rate shopping • Provide customers with options at the time of quoting, ordering or shipping


Instantly trigger bill of lading generation, email notifications, invoicing and other key points in the shipping workflow

Easy-to-Use Interface

Help ensure your Smart Shipping technology is adopted and loved by employees, carriers and customers

Integration with ERP

Seamless connections to your ERP ensures a quick process of shipping transactions more efficiently

When shipping integrates with your ERP, details are automatically pulled in, shared with carriers via the web, and estimated for freight charges and tracking information. All of this automatically appears in your ERP system in real-time, letting you process any shipment using any licensed carrier all from the same screen.

Reduced overall freight spend:

benefit from improved shipping productivity; do more with less by automatically streamlining multiple tasks into a single workflow

Elimination of errors, surcharges and fines:

manual errors no longer lead to poor estimations

Improved customer service:

provide customers with the best rates and multiple shipping options at multiple points throughout the sales cycle; seamless email notifications as orders are processed and shipped

Reduced onboarding and training:

with automated processing, benefit from less training on fewer workflow steps

When we integrated our shipping with ERP, we quadrupled sales, reduced shipping days from four to one, and vastly improved productivity. This is our foundation to thrive in this hyper-competitive environment. "

Mary Porter, CEO | Emergent Safety Supply With this system in place, you'll reap significant benefit in your business. Digital Transformation doesn’t have to be an overwhelming abstract concept – but rather a step-by-step process that begins with a look into which technology can help you best to get started on this journey.

Want to know more about Cloud ERP? Let Finsoft be your digital transformation partner!


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