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Your Next Step After Implementing an ERP Solution Today's Age Of Digitized World.

Over the last few years, we have witnessed significant changes in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and other business solutions, attributable largely increased emphasis on improved automation tools and the general direction of emerging technologies such as :

As these technologies continue to evolve, we are beginning to see these technologies being embedded in ERP and other business solutions.

This will invariably increasingly influence the way business and management are done. More importantly, we noted that application of these new technologies in business solutions, when properly applied, bears significant benefits and advantage over those who do not deploy them.

This trend will only intensify in the coming decade.

To stay relevant and remain competitive, it becomes imperative that management of businesses must keep themselves abreast with these technological developments and be always vigilant in identifying and react swiftly to opportunities to leverage upon them to stay ahead of competition.

Several key questions need to be asked :

So if you currently use an ERP solution, you should be considering the following questions :

  • How the company's business and management processes may be impacted by the changes in digital and information technologies ?

  • How well is the ERP system supporting the current and intended business model ?

  • What is the gap between your current digitization state relative to the ideal state.

  • What are the possible improvement to key business processes through further automation and integration.

  • What are the opportunities for leveraging on modern digital technologies to gain further operational efficiencies and competitive advantage.

It would be ideal for the internal process improvement teams to be involved in such exercise.

However if you would like to discuss in more detail on how to get answers to some of these questions and benchmark your organisation, we will be able to help with this exercise by having a half a day workshop to facilitate this exercise.

Finsoft Consulting is a premium partner to EPICOR for the last 15 years. We have acquired strong understanding of implementing ERP solutions for many organizations. Recently we have also expanded our offering to cater for demand and need of our clients to go beyond the standard ERP solution, by partnering with Microsoft , UiPath and other best of breed solutions, which are connected.


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