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How to Increase the Effectiveness of Production Plan

Increase the Effectiveness of Production Plan

The entire factory is impacted by production scheduling, including commit-to-order, resource planning, and even project costing. Delivering the correct quantity of the right product at the right time is crucial for maintaining your reputation, growth, and capacity to operate your factory optimally. Successful production scheduling is therefore crucial. Real-time visual production scheduling is a feature of Epicor Advanced MES automatically keeps up with what's happening on the shop floor every minute of every day, ensuring that jobs start at the appropriate time, orders are completed on schedule, and your business meets its promises.

Real-Time Means "Right Now"

The production schedule for the Advanced MES instructs the shop on what to produce, how much to produce, and when. Job data is input manually or obtained from your ERP system, MRP, or both. The production schedule then takes shape, utilising the equipment limitations and current production conditions to provide a precise and clear production schedule. Advanced MES Every minute of every day, the work schedule is continuously kept current in real-time. You don't need to wait until a job is complete or until data is entered to find out exactly when a job will finish or when a machine will be accessible because the system already knows what is currently running, how many parts or pieces are remaining in the job, and how quickly each machine is running. When you pull it up, the information you require is there, and it continuously updates.

Visual and Easy to Understand

Visual and easy production scheduling is possible with Epicor Advanced MES. Every equipment, every work, including non-production activities like planned maintenance, are all visible. Anyone can easily identify what is on schedule and spot scheduling issues and delays thanks to colour labelling. Additionally, it is evident where there is room for expansion or where changes can be made to improve productivity or profit margins.

Drag and Drop What-if Planning, Worry-Free Precision

The Advanced MES job schedule is live and interactive. Schedulers and engineers may design what-if scenarios using role-based permissions, while material handlers and tool room technicians can scan the work flow to see what is going their way. Additionally, Advanced MES's job scheduling contributes to accuracy. The system guards against users scheduling tasks on the incorrect computer and anticipates times when the appropriate tools won't be accessible. Resource conflicts are automatically attempted to be resolved by the system, which also gives visible indicators where issues still exist.

Dynamic Scheduling

Dynamic scheduling is one of the most powerful features of the Advanced MES scheduler. When a job is created, the forecasted end date of the job will be based on the standards in the process sheet which include factors such as:

  1. Standard Cycle

  2. Setup

  3. Scrap

  4. Downtime

  5. Parts per Cycle

Once a job is started on a machine, the standards are set aside for efficiency calculations and the forecasted end date will then be based on the live performance of the job on the machine.

Scheduling Features:

Scheduling features include:

  • Intuitive graphical scheduling

  • Real-time notification of job status

  • Drag and drop job allocation

  • Create and schedule individual or family parts

  • Define equipment process parameters

  • Report on capacity, labor, material needs, equipment performance, and more

  • Integration with ERP

  • Handle priorities, capacity, and constraints

  • Helps to eliminate job, machine, and tool conflicts

  • Facilitates on-the-fly schedule changes

  • Simplifies sophisticated scenarios

  • Schedule by start time or finish time

  • Easy to understand color coding

  • Drill down into past performance

Want to know more about real-time production scheduling that can help your company increase throughput for revenue growth?

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