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How To Decide If/Why Your Business Needs ERP Systems

How to decide if/why your business needs ERP systems

Every business is unique and faces different challenges at different times, so there's no single indicator that says, "You need ERP now!" However, the companies that would benefit most from ERP software often face similar problems and frustrations. Here, the question is, how do you decide if and when investing in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP Systems) is right for your business? To identify, check off most of the items below, it’s probably safe to start evaluating ERP software providers and working to allocate the resources needed for deployment:

  1. Your team members are spending too much time on tasks you know could be automated and streamlined.

  2. You don’t have easy access into the data you need to make informed decisions about your business.

  3. You work with vendors and third-party applications across the globe.

  4. You have a lot of different software tools and processes that you’ve adopted and implemented for your business over the years, but they are not connected to each other.

  5. You don’t know what your inventory levels really look like on a daily basis.

  6. You’re personally spending too much time searching for information, trying to boost productivity and efficiencies, and integrating new tools that are needed in order to scale. Your teams can’t easily collaborate or share information with each other.

  7. You can’t access essential business data and information when you’re off-site.

  8. You’re having trouble keeping up with changes in regulatory compliance.

  9. You’re finding or addressing problems after it’s too late; in other words, you’re not able to be as proactive as you’d like when it comes to identifying problems that need to be fixed in order to keep your operations running smoothly.

If your business reflects at least 6 out of 9 of the warning flags listed above, you're in desperate need of an ERP. It's time to begin looking for suitable ERP vendors. Make a list of the specific issues you believe your company is facing, then talk to your decision-maker about how an ERP solution could help. Even if the solution your company chooses has a high initial cost, by streamlining processes and increasing workflow efficiency, you'll save money in the long term.


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