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Epicor Vertical Solution for Rubber Glove Manufacturing Industry

Solution for Rubber Gloves Manufacturing industry


KL-Kepong Rubber Products (KLKRP) is a subsidiary of the Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad, a well-established multinational company which has been listed on the Malaysian stock market since 1974. With more than 270,000 hectares of plantation landbank, the group boasts a market capitalisation of USD 6.01billion as at end-September 2019.

KLKRP started operations in 1987. It has since grown exponentially to become one of Malaysia’s leading rubber gloves manufacturers specializing in OEM and private label for both household and industrial applications.

KLKRP’s factory is installed with state-of-the-art equipment with higher capacity and newly improved design features. This had elevated KLKRP’s manufacturing capability to a higher level of quality, consistency and versatility. However, its legacy business information system comprised a few disparate non-integrated systems and substantially was still coordinated through Microsoft Excel worksheets by the respective executives and HODs. It was unable to cope with the increasing complexity and volume of business transactions of the Company. In particular, it was unable to support the Company’s desired processes for planning and scheduling, shop floor management, quality control, inventory control, and delivery planning.


FINSOFT, known in the industry for taking time to understand its customers’ strategic and operational needs, assisted KLKRP in aligning its business processes to support its desired business model and strategic needs. This included designing and implementing a holistic suite of Epicor ERP solutions supplemented by useful customisations to support the unique process requirements of rubber products manufacturing operations and industry requirements. Of particular interest, the in the following areas:

  • planning and scheduling,

  • shop floor management practices,

  • quality control,

  • inventory control, and

  • delivery planning.

FINSOFT successfully implemented the above said customised solutions for KLKRP and went live in July 2021 as planned. The expected benefits of Epicor ERP implementation were largely achieved, particularly with regards to the following:

  • production cycle time has reduced by at least 15%;

  • enhanced management’s responsiveness to business and management issues; and

  • enhanced overall competitiveness.


“The company’s target is to connect physical with digital, allowing for better collaboration and the ability to leverage real-time and accurate data to boost productivity, improve processes and drive growth. In this regard, Epicor fits into their objective of providing reliable, customisable, advance and industry specific platform.”

Jarrod Quah,

KLKRP Director


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