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Epicor Supply Chain Management (SCM)

A highly effective supply chain is critical to the success of your strategic growth

initiatives. Top-performing manufacturers are empowering supply chain

processes with innovative technology that is best-fit for unique operational

needs, easy to use, and informed by industry best practices. Drive out costs,

increase velocity, and enhance your customer experience with a strong supply

chain that is ready for the future of manufacturing. Offering rich visibility and

digital prowess, Epicor provides effective coordination from initial raw materials

to the ultimate delivery of the finished product, transforming your supply chain

into a results-driven value chain.

Epicor Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a full suite of enterprise application

capabilities—including purchase management, sourcing and procurement,

inventory management, advanced material management, shipping and

receiving, and warehouse management—and is complemented by forecasting,

order management, and analytics capabilities. Combined, you have the solution

you need to meet—and even exceed—customer expectations in today’s

increasingly global market place.

📌 Purchase Management

Purchase Management handles purchase order writing and the tracking of supplier

performance to optimize results and improve negotiations. Multiple detailed

line items indicate planned receipts to inventory or a job, direct receipts

to a sales order or direct receipts to a manufacturing job, although the

destination may be changed at the time of actual receipt entry. Purchase order

receipt processing updates suggested supplier and detailed purchase history

files, which provides a continual reference to aid in making purchasing decisions.

With Purchase Management, you can reduce inventory levels, improve on-time

deliveries, enhance your cash flow, and help increase your profit levels. Purchase

Management capabilities include:

📁 Automated purchasing tools

📁Supplier cross-referencing

📁 Supplier approval capability

📁 Mass purchase order receipt

📁 Multiple location receipts

📁 Part master price breaks

📁 Purchase requisition

📁 Purchase history

📁Purchase order tracker

📁 Supplier tracker (See figure 6)

📌 Purchase Contracts

Epicor Purchase Contracts is designed to automate the process of purchasing

inventory items on a recurring basis— including the establishment of recurring

delivery schedules. Contract line items can be assigned to purchase

orders, which automates your delivery schedules with delivery dates, prices,

and corresponding quantities. Automatic requirement calculations—based on

generated PO suggestions—are factored into delivery schedules, which you

can adjust automatically to conform to supplier requirements or help with

inventory control, production efficiency, and business expediency. Complete

functionality includes part schedule maintenance for establishing the

combination of part, plant, and calendar that makes up the part schedule, as

well as periodicity code maintenance to establish the rules and terms under which

orders periodically arrive from suppliers.

📌Supplier Connect

Strengthen your competitiveness by offering customers and business

partners the ability to interact with your brand online. Supplier Connect

is a supply-chain-focused feature of Epicor Commerce Connect—a complete,

connected, and the customer-proven business solution for modern digital commerce

and omnichannel enablement commerce and omnichannel enablement. By providing the means for the customer and supplier self-service on a whole range of inquiries—such as open orders, part information, and access to old invoices— Epicor Commerce Connect eliminates the need for inquiries to come in via email, phone, or fax to significantly reduce the amount of time staff need to spend answering them.

Figure 6.1 Supplier Connect—improves communication with suppliers to accelerate time to market, ensure accuracy, and drive out costs in your supply chain.


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