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Epicor ERP "The New Now" Platform

Epicor ERP establishes a “The New Now” platform in order for all the companies/organisations to adapt, survive, and thrive during critical Covid-19 pandemic.

Several manufacturing industries have been deemed ‘essential businesses’ or are being particularly hard-hit., thus Finsoft decided to provide an easy approach with positive and problem-solving tools which to serve as further proof to all customers, partners and employees.

Primary Messages

⭐️The New Now is the current state of our economy, industries, businesses, leaders, and

operating procedures, as we adapt to extraordinary changes taking place around the world.

While the unfamiliar becomes familiar, Epicor remains a trusted partner and a reliable problem-solver, pioneering new solutions to support the success and longevity of the

industries we serve.

⭐️Connected - To Ensure that organizations/companies remain in business during this new now require staying connected to those vendors, suppliers and customers that stand by your side. To do so, it’s important to deliver as much continuity in providing a great customer experience. It's now more vital than ever that you offer

Epicor delivers a fully connected supply chain; from sourcing raw materials through managing retail stock and POS system. This requires solutions to leverage, and new ones to implement are built to integrate and collaborate in the way that businesses operate in The New Now.

Secondary Messages

⭐️ Intelligent - Whether navigating through disruptions in the supply chain, increasing

the productivity of the team, or the efficiency of your business, Epicor enables all employees to harness the power of data for better decision making.

Epicor makes technology an enabler of progress, capturing and improving processes every step of the way.

⭐️ Purpose-Fit - Epicor’s People-Centric Technologies adapt to business, to adapt to solutions. Epicor solutions are purpose-built for all industries, which allows focusing on the company objectives. By developing Epicor products with your industry in mind, we

can ensure Epicor supports your process, not the other way around.

⭐️Scalable - Your business success depends on your ability to scale in the right ways and places as the unfamiliar becomes familiar. This means sourcing from new suppliers and building new relationships, perhaps regionally. It also requires knowing who you can count on, and who you can’t.

In the same way, you run your business, you want to work with trustworthy and flexible partners, who will help you continue to thrive, as you operate in ways you hadn’t considered

required previously. ⭐️ Impactful Innovation – Epicor innovates with a purpose. One size fits all fits no one. Therefore, we focus on supporting the unique needs of our customers in each highly specialized environment. Many of our features and functions are developed as a direct result of customer feedback and industry trends.

We innovate and iterate in order to deliver the outcomes our customers need to survive and thrive.

⭐️ Cloud – Cloud offers advantages to customers operating in the New Now. It allows for remote access to key systems and provides the much-needed flexibility to keep operations running as smoothly as possible. When operating in the cloud, it doesn’t matter where the data or information is located. This allows for security to be maintained. In addition, human resources who manage the most important processes can continue to deliver regardless of where they are located. Data is accessible regarding of situation or location on any device.


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