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Digitize Your Production Planning and Scheduling Processes

Production Planning and Scheduling Processes

Performance-driven companies have mastered the art of predicting and responding quickly to changes in customer demand with minimal business interruption. Whether you are a global, multisite enterprise or a single site manufacturer or distributor, precise and flexible planning and scheduling is imperative to an efficient and profitable operation.

Epicor offers a comprehensive solution for forecasting, material requirements planning (MRP), scheduling, and advanced planning and scheduling to meet the needs of today’s agile businesses.

Forecasting and Master Production Scheduling (MPS) in Kinetic are included with the Material Requirements Planning module. These are designed to assist manufacturers and distributors with both day-to-day control and long-range planning and decision making. Forecasting and MPS support businesses that operate multiple, mixed-mode strategies simultaneously. Forecasting & Master Production Scheduling functionality includes:


Forecasts can be generated from multiple historical sources (e.g., sales, invoice, and inventory usage history). Users can also manually enter forecasts for companies, plants, customers, dates, and parts, cut- and-paste from other applications into the forecast system, or generate forecasts from multiple historical sources (e.g., sales, invoice, and inventory usage history). Another option is to export and import forecasts to and from other applications or customers. Import options allow forecasts to be broken down by part, customer, plant, date, and company. This import can update the existing forecast, be a new forecast, or be a complete clear and re-load.

Forecast Buckets

Bucket forecasts for variable periods: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.

Forecast Analysis

Forecast any number of variables (e.g., revenue) rather than just forecasting product units. Forecasting allows any number of tiers to be forecast and analyzed (e.g., forecasting product units by company, state, city, and customer).

Inter-Company Trading

Dynamically accept forecasts from other companies within the enterprise. This allows companies to give visibility to the supply company of future demand without needing to raise a firm intercompany order.

Master Production Schedule

Enter production forecasts for specific end parts using the MPS function. Perform an iterative process of entering a planned schedule, viewing the effect on your resources, then modifying the plan until you have achieved an optimal schedule. Manually enter or cut-and-paste MPS from other applications or automatically generate the MPS from the forecast.

Driving Capacity and Raw Material Procurement

Make and alter MPS decisions based on constraints. Both forecasting and MPS can independently drive future demand.

Forecast and production scheduling has an impact on the entire business—from commit-to-order, to resource planning, and even job costing. Plus, your reputation, growth, and ability to conduct business profitably depends on delivering the right quantity of the right product at the right time. It is now time to reduce manual input into spreadsheet in the process of planning and scheduling.

Want to know more about Epicor Planning and Scheduling Module? Contact Finsoft for more information and let us be your trusted digital transformation partner!


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