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Data Analytics and Visualisation in Manufacturing

data analytic | Finsoft Consulting

Want to improve your process to facilitate better insights into your business' performance?

With analytical data, organizations are able to better manage and grow with

wiser decisions made, more efficient operations, greater profitability, and happier clients.

Selecting the suitable data analytical tool is vital for the success of your organization's digital transformation journey. Below are useful selection criteria which should be considered before any implementation.

1 provider support-ERP


• Guest and account logins • Product browsing before login • List-building • Easy-to-use search

Support B2B Customers

• Provide access to see special pricing • Make fast repurchases • Make payments • Request a quote through RFQ forms

Integrate with Sales Team

Provide access to account info and data:

• Purchase history • Transactional repeat business • Service calls • Custom discounting


Customer and company information is secure with:

•HTTPS •User IDs •Passwords

Reinforce Marketing

Customers are informed and supported with:

• Newsletter signup • Product recommendations • Targeted pop-ups

Integrate with your ERP

Ensures accurate and automatic updating of:

• Product information • Order and shipment details • Pricing • Inventory levels

An ERP embedded with data analytics solution bring signifiant impact to your core business processes. Deeper business insight empowers you to make smarter decisions that will positively impact your bottom line.

Time savings

• Fast and easy monthly reporting

• Consolidations, comparisons, customized statements and permission-setting

Reduced reporting admin

Automatically report, analyze, and track numbers for legal and non-legal entities like branches, area departments, and specific product lines

Faster, better decision-making

• Single source of truth

• Always up to date

• No headache and errors from managing static spreadsheets

Data is now more important than ever. We need a single source of truth, so every bit of data we have is going to funnel through our data analytics engine.

Now, we’ve got a myriad of dashboards and much more sophisticated forecasting. That’s really important in an environment like this.

John Wiborg

CEO | Stellar Industries

Epicor Data Analytics (EDA), helps companies turn their data stored in Epicor ERP into actionable insights. Non-technical users have instant access to data, taking them from easy-to-read dashboards to lightning-fast grids to detailed transactions in a few clicks or taps. With deeper insights into potentially massive amounts of their current and historical data, companies can grow by reducing cost, identifying new opportunities, supporting specific programs, and speeding up decision-making. Want to know more about Cloud ERP? Let Finsoft be your digital transformation partner!


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