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70% of All Digital Transformation Projects End in Failure

Reasons of all digital transformation projects end in failure

Many businesses are attempting to execute digital transformation initiatives in an effort to increase production, efficiency, and profit. While some initiatives aim to replace outdated technology with newer, more modern systems, others include more radical improvements that include automating previously manual operations. Digital transformations, however, are risky projects with several frequent failure spots that frequently result in the project's failure. According to research, 70% of digital transformation programmes fail to achieve their objectives. These statistics are both disturbing and unexpected to many people. After all, the majority of businesses today are aware of the advantages of digital transformation. Digital transformation initiatives may fail for any number of reasons, but the most common reasons for failure include the following:

  1. Under-estimating the complexity of planning, development and training

  2. Failure to involve affected employees in planning and development

  3. Trying to do too much too fast

  4. Insufficient training

  5. Insufficient data conversion and testing

  6. Over reliance on consultants

From the list above, the common reasons for failure predominantly are not related to your technology itself. Your technology is fine; it’s the people who are getting in the way. Your tech is fine; it’s the people who are getting in the way. You are recommended to study how to select an ERP system with 8 simple steps

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