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7 Surprising Benefits of Collaboration Technology for Manufacturers

7 Benefits of Collaboration Technology for Manufacturers

Centralized collaboration technology in cloud ERP solutions can help you manage operations more efficiently. It brings employees together from locations around the world by

hosting data and information that serves as a single source of truth. Your organization has the ability to share information that offers these surprising benefits along the entire supply chain:

Stay Connected Across Distances

Supply chains are increasingly global. Any miscommunication

can cost lost production time due to time zone differences alone.

Centralized collaboration functionality gives employees at every

location access to the same critical documents, conversations,

and data.

Share Best Practices

To improve processes, factories can share expertise, training, and

best practices with employees no matter where they’re located.

Have Fewer Defects

Improve quality with collaboration technology by giving rise to a

culture of continuous process improvement. Instances of

substandard quality causing problems further down the supply

chain can be addressed and corrected earlier in the process to

reduce defects.

Reduce Costs

The cumulative effect of reducing defects and saving time could

lower the cost of goods. Efficiencies gained can be passed along

to customers to make you more competitive.

Recruit, Train, and Retain a Qualified Workforce

The younger generation workforce grew up with apps and online collaboration- it’s what they know. It appeals to a new generation of

workers because they want to work for a company that has the latest

technology. It’s easier for new employees, and your entire staff, to

learn, train, and participate in cross-team collaboration. Younger

generations like working on high-value, strategic tasks that solve

design problems.

Increase Supply Chain Resiliency

A collaborative approach can help suppliers plan for the future.

The ability to forecast market share and market expansion with

reasonable accuracy can help you manage supply chain risk.

Find New Market Opportunities

Consolidate information across your company to break down

silos in engineering, sales, marketing, plant management, and

other departments. Collaborate effectively to identify both challenges and opportunities. Having more accurate business

plans can uncover opportunities to build new products and

explore new markets with relatively lower investment.

Around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant adjustments in industry working practises and staffing procedures. As a result, manufacturers should use cloud ERP solutions with centralised collaboration technologies to connect these virtual workers while maintaining (or possibly boosting) productivity. Collaboration technology can help you streamline your entire operation.

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