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Finsoft Connected Solutions

FSC Sales Automation  

Why Sales Automation ?

FSC Sales Automation is a suite of  solutions which is developed to compliment the ERP solutions which we carry, to meet the demand of ERP users to have a convenient mode and speed of conducting sales engagement.


With the advent of age of Digital Transformation each company must adopt latest trends of digital tools to conduct business in the most convenient way and to react fast to customers' demands and to improve customer experience. 


What is Sales Automation ?

FSC Sales Automation consists of the following main features :

  • CRM 

  • Mobile Sales Order 

  • E-Documents

  • B2B 

  • B2C


The sales process would start off with the CRM functionality  where  it offers features like new customer on-boarding. Clients information and other required attachment can be captured by the salesperson in the field using phone in-built camera.  This information then would flow to a back end credit manager who would vet and validate the account before confirming the account into the back end ERP system.

Mobile/Web Order 

Mobile or Web Order portal is a medium for salesperson to take customer orders while they are in the field via a desktop , tablet or mobile device. It's primary function is to capture sales or orders, however it provides other functionality like approval mechanism for sales manager to approve discounts or even price changes, change credit limit and more.  Salesperson on the field would have access to information such as order status, delivery status, and also aging report.  to help them turnover sales faster and service their clients much better. 


In order to eliminate paper documents - order acknowledgement, invoice, credit note and statement of account would be digitized for it to be electronically be available for downloading at  their convenience. A salesperson in the field can service their client better by sending a copy of the document be it invoice or even the latest statement of account via email.

B2B Portal

B2B portal would enable the client to enter their orders at anytime. Additionally they would be able to track the progress of an order, track shipment and also view their outstanding debts. All information is updated instantaneously to the ERP system and similarly the feedback of the information back to the portal would be also the same.

B2C Portal

B2C portal enable the end user to purchase client's product. It's functionality would be similar to the B2B portal, but with a much more simpler and easy-to-use User Interface and Experience (UI/UX). Integration with a payment gateway can be easily configured.  Most importantly, it is fully connected with the back-end ERP solution.


How Do We Ensure Your Objective Is Met ? 

One of the challenges of meeting the requirements of each client is that they would normally have distinct sales processes, depending on the industry. Hence we have to come up with a means to cater for this challenge as we cannot use a one-size fits all approach.  

We used a rapid application development tool (RAD) called Code On Time (COT) to build the this application.  This allows us  to rapidly configure the solution to meet each unique clients needs. The go to market time frame and the stability of the solution would be much faster if we customize it using traditional development tools.

The framework is built with the feature where the application can work in a variety of devices , being desktop, tablets or even mobile devices. It's using Microsoft .Net Framework stack and  it's Azure ready for cloud deployment.

FSC Mobile MES  

Why Mobile MES ?

FSC Mobile MES  (Manufacturing Execution System) is mobile solution which compliments Epicor ERP to primarily transacting and tracking inventory for raw material, semi finished goods as well as finish goods. It integrates with Inventory, Purchasing, Customer Shipment and Job Management modules in Epicor. Additionally it also works with Bartender to produce bar code labels to provide a holistic solution for tracking of physical inventory.

Again with the advent of digital transformation the use of technology which would help to improve traditional back end processing for better operational efficiency. Although Epicor has got a new solution to replace the inbuilt Mobile MES , the solution lacks the ability to customize.  Every client once again would have unique requirements for their operations, hence the "one size fits all" mode is not going enable clients to adopt a mobile solution, without them either compromising their efficiency to "fit" the software.

That is why Finsoft had decided to use this opportunity to develop a highly valuable solution for Inventory, Manufacturing  and Logistics applications.


What Does FSC MES Provide ?

The FSC MES module covers the following areas : 

  • Inventory 

  • Shipment to customer

  • Receiving from supplier

  • Issuing raw material to production

  • Interface with Bartender to print bar-code labels

  • Issue materials to job

  • Receive products from Job to production

  • Pallet Control

  • Truck QC

It's  solution which is developed to work with Epicor ERP with updates to Epicor taking place on an instantaneous manner. Client can opt to utilise any particular device today which is android base.  It's a responsive screen hence it would be able to work on tablets or other devices.

How FSC MES Meets Your Objective.

FSC MES major difference compared to standard offering from Epicor, is that built on RAD (Rapid Application Development) tool, which enable relatively quick configuration changes that would be able to meet each client unique operational needs.

We provide a solution of the software being able to meet the client needs and not the client need to work around the software constrain. This is what we truly believe would effectively address the operational efficiency of aspects of Digital Transformation exercise.

This solution is built on a RAD engine called Code On Time, which is primarily a Microsoft .Net framework tool. It uses REST API communicate with Epicor ERP.

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