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The reason we have been a partner of Epicor for the last 12 years is because of their flexibility, scalability, and cost efficiency which in our experience is highly beneficial to our clients' enterprise resource planning needs. Epicor's platform has been tested, as they serve over 20,000 customers in 150 countries, and growing. We continue to believe Epicor ERP system will be able to produce the results desired by our clients and has the ability to grow together with our clients.

It is also crucial for our potential clients' to know that quick and accurate support is vital to your business. Thus, you can first count on Finsoft Consulting, a Level 2 support provider, to support you with most of the common issues faced by Epicor ERP users. Our experience confidently says that we can also count on Epicor's support center which is located locally for that added support. 


Your success is our success

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How Is Our ERP System Different From Others

Flexible And Customize Solutions

Solutions can be easily re-configured for your needs & requirements.

Flexible Deployment Approach

Set-up can be on cloud, on-premise or hybrid.

Build-on Modern Technology Platform

Intuitive, configurable, and guided browser-based applications make it easy to personalize your experience and access integrated capabilities like APS, CRM, and CPQ.

Software Release Update

Version 10.2.700 announced, 23 October 2020

Watch this video for a quick summary of the new features and functions that are now available with Epicor ERP 10.2.700. And if you want more detailed information, review our Epicor ERP 10.2.700 Release Guide.


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