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Automating Goods Receipt and Invoice Processing

Automated Goods Receipt Process (GRN)


Process​ Summarized

  1. D/O is submitted to warehouse staff on delivery of goods

  2. Staff verifies bot goods match with D/O

  3. Staff scans D/O and activates OCR bot

  4. OCR bot reads scanned D/O and identifies supplier, amount, and items delivered.

  5. Bot then calls out P/O to match with D/O.

  6. If matching with P/O, bot will generate GRN code, and compiles D/O with packing list and upload to a designated folder in Epicor ERP database. 

  7. If P/O does not tally or has expired, a bot will be activated to nudge the designated person(s) to create or reissue the P/O, and reactivate steps 5 and 6.

Efficiency achieved: 

  •   Faster cycle-time

  •   Process dependent

  •   Reduced error

Automated AP Invoice Processing

AP RPA.png

Process​ Summarized

  1. Supplier submits Invoice to AP department.

  2. AP personnel scans document and uploads to AP repository.

  3. An OCR bot is activated to read the scanned Invoice, and categorize the supplier and amount - human validation will be called if the bot is unable to recognize any character in the documents.

  4. With no hurdles in step 3, the bot will continue to validate the invoice against P/O and GRN from the database.

  5. If details are matching, the bot uploads the Invoice details into the Invoice payable repository and queued for payment.

  6. Before closing the process, the bot will send a list of invoices payable to designated personnel.

  7. If error is found in step 5, bot can be programmed to automatically terminate the transaction and inform supplier to resubmit invoice.

Efficiency achieved:

  •   Reduced manual work

  •   24-hour operation

  •   Reduced bottlenecks

* OCR = Optical Character Reader - software used to convert scanned text (flat data) into usable text (text with meaning)

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