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Microsoft CRM

Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is all about helping businesses maximise the value of their customer relationships and transforming service delivery.

The technology is the central hub where all customer and business process data is connected and made visible to create valuable insights that will make all the difference to your decision making. In short, your left hand knows what the right is doing.

Through its connected business apps, your entire operation is unified and works together.

What are the key CRM benefits?

Collecting and organising actionable data can be both challenging and labour intensive and as such, investing in a high-quality CRM system is a must if you are looking to take things to the next level. The right solution will help you to identify, understand and assist your clients more efficiently.

Here are five key CRM benefits that can help you to find success:

1. Enhance Relationships

Makes it easier for teams to deliver amazing service, with instant access to recent interactions. Complete customer detail means that everyone has immediate access to every client communication, relationship and processing detail in a single interface.  

Furthermore, you’ll be able to proactively build relationships with personalised marketing campaigns that grow account revenue.

2. Grow Efficiently

Legacy processes involving manual steps and duplicated effort hold businesses back and risk future growth at a time when greater scale has never been more important.

Smarter processes managed by the right CRM system will cut admin overheads by automating routine tasks or handling a complex series of steps through workflows that are triggered by an event or action.

3. Safeguard Your Business

Your client database is a castle that needs protection in a digital and connected world. Whether on-site, in the cloud, or on mobile devices, centralise your data in a single, secure database.

Modern CRM systems are built with privacy by design featuring sophisticated access control and encryption that will keep your data safe in the cloud.

4. Do Business Anywhere

Access the customer and business data that matter most to you from anywhere, on virtually any device. 

Options for offline working and web access as well as mobile apps empower everyone to do business wherever they work.

5. Improved Business Insight

Businesses have a wealth of data about their customers and processes but often struggle to bring it together to uncover insights and boost productivity.

With modern CRM apps, uncover insights to assess performance and make sure you are on track to achieve your goals with live dashboards and reports.

Turn data into action through business intelligence and forecasting to increase opportunities, improve service and optimise marketing campaigns.

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