Robotic Process Automation


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the emerging technology which is part of the Digital Transformation wave which is becoming a norm as companies strive for workforce optimization and improve efficiency.  In Finsoft we have hopped on this wave by tying up with what Garner terms the leading RPA vendor - UiPath.  

At the present moment we have more than 10 resources who are certified in the Solutions Architect, Developer , Business Analyst and Implementation Manager (Project Manager). We believe that with the strong business skill set together with a strong technical team, we are primed to offer our clients who mainly are in the manufacturing sector to improve their productivity and efficiency by utilizing Bots (Robot), to take over task which are repetitive , rule base and tedious.

We have also added a world class OCR software Ephesoft, to compliment the UiPath offering, to extend the number of uses cases which would be able to be automated using a Bot.

Our People

We have different roles of specialist namely a project manager,  business analyst and developers. 

All of them are picked and groomed to fit into this unit so that they can function not as individuals but as a team. There is no I but we is the mindset of our people and are driven with the agile mindset.

Our Values

We believe in telling our clients of our values to let them know the type of partner they would be engaging with.  Each resource would strive to reflect this values in the services they render to our clients. 

  • Passion for Our Customer

    • Measuring our success by that of our client, always driven by quality and spirit of innovation.​

  • Meritocracy

    • Creating opportunities for the best people to grow and live their dreams​

  • Pursue Growth and Learning

    • Each employee accountable to themselves to pursue continued growth and learning.​

  • Every Person, Every Idea Counts

    • Respecting the individual and valuing the contributions of each employee.​

  •  Striving for Excellence

    • Using the benefits of a digital age to accelerate our collective success and build a faster and smarter firm. Always accepting the challenge to change and ​

Our Methodology

Project Management is key factor in ensuring an implementation is a success. However we are firm believer of Agile practices which have been proven as methodology to ensure higher client satisfaction.

Hence we imbue the discipline of traditional project management with modern project management practices of Scrumban to ensure high success rate of closing a project but at the same time to ensure high NPS (Net Promoter Score). 

Each of our lead consultants and senior tech leads are trained to understand this project methodology. Hence to ensure self managing teams. 

Our Successes 

Below is list of significant projects and use cases we have implemented 

Automating  Credit Note Creation Process .

A leading cement manufacturer in Malaysia, had a business challenge where they required to create 300 credit notes a month as an average.  This would take 1 persons job a month to do this  task.  Using UiPath and a combination of tools to consolidate data to feed the Bot, we managed to save 1 persons job per month who needs to do this task.  

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