Our Culture


Who are we?



We are a family of members from diverse background and capabilities. Our members are also selectively on-boarded and groomed to fit into their units while everyone works as a team to meet our common goals. While teamwork is our first priority, we also encourage our members to be creative, independent, and to adopt an agile mindset.


What are our core values?

  • Passionate about our customers and our company.

  • Measuring our success by the success of our client, always driven by quality and spirit of innovation.​

  • Believing in meritocracy.

  • Creating opportunities for the best people to grow and live their dreams​.

  • In constant pursuit of growth and excellence by every member.

  • Every person, every idea counts.

  • Respecting each individual and valuing everyone's ideas.​

  • Working as one to build a faster and smarter company we work in.

  • Always accepting the challenge to change and to be AGILE.


Our project management approach

Project Management is key to ensure a successful implementation. Hence, we imbue the discipline of traditional project management and modern project management practices of Scrumban to attain a faster rate of closing a project and while achieving a high Net Promoter Score (NPS). 

We are also firm believers of Agile Project Management which have been proven to produce higher client satisfaction.

Each of our lead consultants and senior tech leads are trained to understand this project methodology. Hence to ensure self managing (i.e. independent) teams.