Our Advisory Services



Brainstorm Team Meeting

Strategic Alignment

We can help you in strategy definition processes, development of strategic goals and objectives, and to cascade the company's aspirations to operating units.

Coupled with the deployment of Enterprise Management Performance Module, which is embedded within Epicor ERP software, your company would be well on its way to establish a high performance culture where all stakeholders are keenly aware of what is important to the company, how the company is tracking it and how their work fits in

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation of all management and operational processes has increasingly become the corner stone to remain competitive and survival of an enterprise. It is no more a choice but an imperative.


We will help you to facilitate discussion on developing a digital transformation roadmap and action plan, coach management on deployment and integration of connected solutions with ERP system, coach management on benefits capturing and tracking process; and coach executives on implementation of action plan to achieve agreed milestones.

ERP Readiness

The focus of our ERP Readiness Advisory Services is to help ensure that the expected benefits ERP system implementation would be realised and that the project is not subject to any risk of failure. 

We will engage with your stakeholders through a series of workshops to identify your company's goals, system adoption key success factors, areas of improvement through automation, and ROI evaluation.

Change Management

We can help your organization to identify the impact of ERP system implementation on your staff and develop a responsive organizational change management plan. We will coach your executives execute the change management plan and to mitigate issues arising from it. This will ensure a higher adoption rate, improving efficiency faster and smoother §have on affected people and develop a responsive organisational change management plan;


Business Systems Advisory

Computer Robot

ERP Design & Implementation

As one of the largest and strongest Epicor Partner in the region, we specialize in helping mid-sized businesses migrate their existing systems to Epicor ERP to optimize their capability and resources and enhance operational and financial management processes

Process Improvement

We help organizations transform inefficient business workflows into highly functioning and streamlined processes. We will deep-dive into your current model and reconfigure your work flows with the correct tools to maximize results.

Custom Solutions, IT Consulting, & System Integration

Our experienced consultants can provide needs-base of your business, and provide you with customized software solutions, hardware needed, and integration modules to ensure your new system are effectively integrated. This will help you to reduce redundancy costs, improve processes, better ROI, and enhance staff retention.