Ephesoft Transact

Ephesoft is a leading enterprise content capture and data discovery platform that turns the world’s unstructured content into actionable information in the cloud, hybrid or on-premises.


Organizations use Ephesoft’s platform to automate any document-based business processes, improving accuracy, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Ephesoft’s core product, Ephesoft Transact, makes meaning out of unstructured data for decision-makers worldwide.

Ephesoft’s solution has dramatically accelerated critical business processes like purchases, mortgage approvals, background checks, invoice processing and other transactions that have traditionally been ridden with manual data entry and time-consuming work.


The patented supervised machine learning technology has transformed process efficiencies, reducing as much as seven times the hard costs associated with invoicing.

Similar strides have been made using a hybrid approach that bridges processing power with on-premises and the cloud, resulting in high velocity processing speeds more than 10 times faster than before.

Ephesoft Transact is a smart document capture solution specializing in ingesting, image processing, classifying, extracting, validating and exporting documents.


It does this regardless of the format or input method (e.g., handwritten forms, email, scans).


Ephesoft Transact is the only Smart Capture® system that supports seamless integration with third party ERP, CRM, ECM (Content Services), RPA and other back-office programs to be document-capture enabled through Web Services APIs.


Once a document is in digital format, Ephesoft’s software reads it and classifies it in the way the company wants it organized.


The platform offers flexible architecture with fast, easy implementations on Windows and Linux operating systems.

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