Ephesoft: Financial Document Automation

Your Organization Problem:

📌 Data Silos

Inefficient capture processes affect financial services at every level. If you’re using traditional or basic capture-and-extract technology, you can’t access the valuable information hidden within your unstructured data. Let’s face it: customers are used to fast, seamless user experiences and don’t have the patience to wait. Your organization’s disparate data silos isn’t their problem, it’s yours.

Your Organization Solution:

📌 Turning Your Data into an Asset

After completing the first step of digital transformation – turning unstructured data into structured data – Ephesoft can be bundled with new and existing products, from RPA tools to workflow platforms, ECM, ERP or other repositories using Web Services OpenAPIs. This allows your institution to use best-of breed solutions to meet your unique requirements and deliver faster results. Your processes are fueled by actionable, structured business information. Converting the data that’s trapped in your documents into useful information drives business insights. Results show happier customers and employees who are freed up to focus on what they do best, not the mundane. It’s time to challenge the status quo with innovation.

📌 Improve Your Client Experience

Companies that provide personalized experiences are emerging as the winners in financial services. These companies know they need to innovate but are slow to change - mostly due to legacy systems and regulatory compliance requirements. There are ways you can accelerate the transformation to a digital-first business. It starts with data visibility and intelligent capture, classification and extraction of data from customers, vendors and partners. Ephesoft Transact transforms financial processes with rapid capture and extraction to provide data visibility throughout the organization.

Centralizing documents allow you to process content from any source, including scanners, MFPs, network folders, faxes, email, mobile devices and via external BPOs. Captured data is processed consistently and routed automatically, upping your efficiency.

📌 Innovation at Your Fingertips - Cloud Boost

Ephesoft’s platform can be leveraged in the cloud, hybrid or on-premises and automates any content-based business process, transforming unstructured data – paper or electronic – so financial organizations can drive business intelligence.

Ephesoft uses modern technology to leverage the cloud to maintain performance and speed, even high demand. Need to scale? Look to the cloud. Offset costs without capital expenditures and high IT maintenance fees. Fast processing speeds mean you can respond faster to your customers, giving them the experience they’ve come to expect.


Ephesoft empowers the banking community by providing the right tools for financial content and data processes. From smaller regional banks to some of the largest global financial institutions, Ephesoft drives efficiency with less manual effort, while pinpointing and eliminating process bottlenecks to yield higher data accuracy. Ephesoft helps customers meet stringent SLA goals while enabling audibility and compliance review.

Other key benefits include:

✔️ Accurately classifies, separates and extracts data from documents.

✔️ Streamlines workflows to quickly open accounts and close loans.

✔️ Improves compliance and audits; decreases regulatory risks.

✔️ Better financial control with insight into customer data.

✔️ Enhances security, privacy and confidentiality while decreasing identity and financial fraud.

✔️ Improves time to revenue; realize ROI in months.

✔️ Multi-currency and language options for global operations.

“We saw the value in Ephesoft’s platform. The system will expedite our processes, drive efficiency and can categorize and classify all our data so we can easily access it. After only 6 weeks, we already saw a 400% productivity improvement. We expect that Ephesoft will reduce the error rate and workload by virtually eliminating manual processing.”

— Ashley Ross, CIO at MTF Finance